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Scattering by Air...

For many people, especially those who feel a special connection to the outdoors or to nature, the scattering of ashes over a lovely landscape seems as natural as life itself. 

Some choose to have their ashes scattered in a special place that holds important memories of times gone by. For these people, often a favorite mountain or lake is their chosen resting place.

Others choose to have their ashes scattered at sea. For these people, often the rhythms of the sea reflect the very cycles of life, ebbing and flowing, sometimes turbulent, sometimes serene, but timeless in its expanse and its never endingness.

Whatever the location, scattering by air provides the widest possible dispersal, returning loved ones to nature.

MountainHouse Services can assist you in choosing the perfect location for the scattering of your loved one's ashes, or can follow your directions in scattering over that special place so important to your family.


California Cremated Remains Disposer License Number CRD841