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Frequently Asked Questions


Can friends or family members ride in the plane during the scattering?
No, for safety reasons, we do not allow passengers to fly along during the scattering. We are, however, happy to arrange for a ground witnessing (area permitting) that would enable family and others to watch from the ground as the ashes are scattered. We do remind those interested in ground witnessing that the altitude requirements make it very difficult to see the actual ashes as they leave the airplane.
2. Where can cremated remains be scattered?
California state law governs where scatterings can take place. Generally, scattering is allowed where no local law prohibits it. If the scattering is to be on private property, permission from the owner is required.
   Scatterings over the ocean must be done at least 500 yards offshore and there are water depth requirements in some cases. Sorry, but we cannot scatter over a lake or stream, or over populated areas or buildings.
3. Can cremated remains be scattered over national parks or forests?
Yes, provided the proper permits are obtained prior to the scattering and the event is not publicized.
4. Are there special requirements for scattering from aircraft?
Yes, the cremated remains must be crushed or pulverized so as not to be distinguishable to persons on the ground as human remains. We recommend that you inform your funeral director or crematorium of your desire to have the remains scattered by air so they can ensure compliance with this regulation.
5. How are the cremated remains stored before the scattering takes place?
We understand the importance of maintaining a secure, dignified environment for the urn and cremated remains. All remains entrusted to us for scattering are treated with the utmost respect.
6. When do know that a scattering has taken place?
We will notify you by telephone, email or mail when a scattering has been completed, and will also mail you a Verification Certificate indicating the date, time, and location of the scattering.
7. Who takes care of the paperwork that is required by the state agencies?
We do. There may be a small additional fee if your chosen location is one that requires a special permit, but we do the majority of the administrative paperwork at no additional charge to you.
8. What do I need to do to arrange for a scattering?
For a complete explanation of how to make arrangements, click here, or call us at 877-711-5391.
9. Can families and friends make special requests?
Of course, and we will do everything possible to accommodate special needs. The only constraints are aircraft safety and compliance with all applicable laws.


California Cremated Remains Disposer License Number CRD841