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How to Make Arrangements


Call (209) 295-7761 or email to confirm price and to schedule scattering. We'll discuss the specifics of where and when you would like us to do the scattering, as well as discuss any special requests you may have.
2. Print out and complete the Authorization to Scatter Form (2 pages). This form will accompany the cremated remains when you send them to us.
3. Give Page 2 of the Form (Shipping Instructions) to Your Funeral Director, or if you don't have a funeral director, mail directly to us at: MountainHouse Services, PO Box 1518, Pioneer, CA 95666.
4. If a new burial permit is required (and it probably is), give us the name and contact information of your funeral director or mortuary and we'll make the necessary arrangements. If you don't have a funeral director or mortuary, or if the death occurred some time ago, contact us and we'll work out the details.
5. Send us the cremated remains. You can mail them or hand deliver them to us, whichever you prefer. If you mail them, send them via the US Postal Service, Registered Mail Return Receipt, to: MountainHouse Services, PO Box 1518, Pioneer, CA 95666. We have found that delivery directly to the post office is the safest method. If you prefer to hand deliver them, call us toll free at (877) 711-5391and we'll arrange to meet you at  either the Jackson or Concord Airport.
6. Be prepared to answer questions we may have when we're preparing the necessary permits and paperwork. We'll call you with these questions if necessary. If we don't need to call you, we'll proceed with the scattering per your instructions.
7. We'll notify you of the date and time of the scattering, usually within 14 days of our receipt of the cremated remains. You will be invited to the airport to witness the takeoff (no additional charge), or to say any final words before the scattering.
8. For Witnessed Scatterings, we will contact you by telephone to work out the date, time, and exact location of the scattering so that you may view it from the ground.
9. After the scattering, we will send you a Verification Certificate that states the date, time, and location (latitude and longitude) of the scattering. Additional Certificate are available for $4 each.
10. We'll do all the final paperwork, remaining in strict compliance with the State of California and the California EPA documentation requirements.


California Cremated Remains Disposer License Number CRD841