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A Message to Families...

Choosing the final disposition of cremated remains is often a difficult decision for families. Some are concerned about the manner in which the ashes will be handled by a third-party scattering service. Others are concerned that the service may not be provided according to the families wishes.

MountainHouse Services is committed to carrying out our client families' wishes precisely, within the limits of aviation safety and weather. State-of-the- art Global Positioning navigation systems are used to ensure that the ashes are dispersed over the exact location requested by the family, and a record of the latitude and longitude of the dispersal is made a part of the Verification Certificate provided for each scattering.

For those desiring to witness the scattering from the ground, special arrangements can be made to coordinate the time of the scattering to meet the needs of the families. Due to safety considerations and FAA regulations, we cannot accommodate passengers on our aircraft.

Special requests are always welcome, and we will try to accommodate any request as long as it does not compromise safety. Requests for rose petals, or personal notes, to be scattered along with the ashes are common and can be easily accommodated, as are requests for poetry or lyric reading at the time of dispersal.




California Cremated Remains Disposer License Number CRD841