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A Very Special Goodbye...

Aerial ash scattering often provides families a unique opportunity to return their loved one to nature in a serene, peaceful manner. Scattering by air disperses the ashes over as wide an area as possible, and can be done over some of the most beautiful land- and seascapes in the world - those of Northern California.

MountainHouse Services provides the full range of aerial ash scattering services for families and funeral directors throughout Northern California. Our modern aircraft and professional pilot crew can scatter ashes over the ocean, State Parks, National Parks, and private land (with owner's permission).

Many prefer scattering to traditional burial for environmental reasons. We welcome special requests, such as rose petal scattering or other unique services.

MountainHouse Services always remains in full compliance with all State procedural and documentation requirements.
A Certificate of Verification is provided for each scattering.




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California Cremated Remains Disposer License Number CRD841